Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome

Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome is caused by the body mistaking the shape of a protein that it is already sensitive to (a pollen) for a similarly shaped protein in fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts.

Unusual Allergies – Honey

This was previously posted to my old blog, Itch, Swell, Ooze, Wheeze in August 2015. This is an updated version for 2020. We went to Devon a few years ago on holiday and had the pleasure of visiting Quince Honey Farm, which I am pleased to say in 2020 is still going strong. It is a strangeContinue reading “Unusual Allergies – Honey”

May – Articles of Interest

Another month has gone by in lockdown, the children are not back at school yet and we intend to continue as we have been until the end of June and then see how things are going in the UK. Here is my quick round-up of published allergy and eczema articles this month and what IContinue reading “May – Articles of Interest”

Children with food allergies: How to build self-confidence

Guest Post by AllergyAbroad – creator of a free translation website for dealing with food allergies. Here they write about building self confidence in children with food allergies.